About Me


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After suffering with an eating disorder over the last five years, I have changed my unhealthy relationship with food and fitness to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Despite my own personal fitness journey having had many highs and lows, I am genuinely grateful for the challenges and setbacks along the way as I have learned so much about myself and learnt how to love myself along the way. My journey has inspired me to educate myself further in the hope that I can help others transform their fitness journey like I have.

There is nothing I love more than the fitness community and the people I have met from it and all I want to do is meet more! I want us to evolve and grow together. I want to be able to use my knowledge to help others gain the self confidence that they deserve and become the best version of themselves.

Are you ready to get started?

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My values

I believe that the fundamental factor to reaching a goal is being realistic. I want you to gain a healthier relationship towards your fitness routine and eating habits, where you never feel restricted. With my constant support I can help you build your self confidence and better your relationship between food and fitness in a sustainable way that will better you for life.

I want to help you achieve your goals and for you to grow as a person. That is why I am offering constant support and personalised training and diet plans to allow you to see the best results so you can evolve with me.

All-in-one coaching app


Meal Plan

A personalised meal plan so that you can fuel your body but also enjoy the food. I also offer hundreds of different recipes for you to choose from so you are constantly always looking forward to your next meal!

Workout Plan

You will receive a personalised training plan that suits your goals, your lifestyle and your body. This can be at the gym or at home, it is entirely personalised to suit your needs.


I will check in with you weekly so we can track your progress and adjust your program constantly so you can hit every milestone you set. This keeps us accountable and allows us to always move forward.


I will be with you every step of the way through your journey with constant support. I will help you stay motivated, focused and most importantly make sure you are enjoying the journey every step of the way.





This is a bespoke service where you have 24/7 support and guidance from me, prices are completely dependent on each individual as it ultimately comes down to your goals and the service that you want.

All of my clients can expect to get a completely personalised experience with me along their journey. For me, I  want to create a relationship where I can fully support my clients and be with them every step of the way towards achieving their goals. Clients shouldn’t expect things to be numbers orientated or totally goal driven, I aim to create a lifestyle change with sustainable and enjoyable eating plans and training to help my clients find enjoyment in their plans and to be consistency.

When you join my team, you will gain access to fully bespoke meal and diet plans, a personalised check-in process to ensure you are moving towards your goals and a direct chat with me to help you on every step of your journey.

MANY things can directly impact the rate in which clients will see results. As everyone’s body reacts and adapts to exercise in different ways, I will be working with you at a pace and intensity that works best for you. I break my training down into phases with each of my clients to ensure you are progressing towards your goals and training at the right intensity for you.

If you are willing to fully commit to the process and work with me all the way I can guarantee that we will have you making progress, seeing results and being on the way to achieving your goals!

 I will update your meal plan regularly and based on your needs, but its updated at least once a month.

Payment is done through stripe, a highly secure and safe payment system. Payment is taken automatically every 4 weeks from when you sign up until the agreed commitment terms.

This completely depends on the client, what their goals are and their current position. I would personally recommend starting with anywhere between 3-6 months, this is to ensure the very best progress alongside building long-term sustainable habits. There is a minimum commitment period of 3 months, but your journey can last as long as you would like it to.

Of course you can! I can create a plan to your preferred location and your access to equipment and to fit around your goals and your lifestyle.

All progress and measurements are tracked through my app which you will have on your phone. Everything from progress photos, to weekly weigh-ins, sleep, menstrual cycle, diet, motivation, water intake etc are tracked and that way I can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your goals or with your plans.

Ultimately, you decide! You tell us how much time you have for training per week and what your goal is and then we will make a plan so that the training fits into your routine in the best possible way.